Zig-E’s Tactical Laser Tag

Come experience laser tag like you’ve never imagined! Our tactical laser tag is designed like several first-person shooter games you find on all video game consoles.

Call or come in ahead of time to schedule your game!

Reservations 24 hours in advance are preferred but not required.

The Rules of the Game

  1. Recommended at least 8 years old to participate
  2. No Running
  3. No blind firing. Fire only when tagger is shouldered and aimed.
  4. Keep 5 ft. distance from other players during game play.
  5. Slow and controlled movements.
  6. No dead talking. No dead players passing information to live players in any form, verbal or non verbal.
  7. No spawn camping.
  8. No open toed shoes.
  9. No climbing. (Through windows, up trees, over barriers, etc.)
  10. No adjusting equipment or field. (red dots, slings, head sensors, barrels, etc.)

Games begin every hour and last for one hour.  Must have 4 participants to begin a game.

Reservation Price
60 minute game
with Reservation
60 minute game
without Reservation


Hide behind trees, ambush your enemies in buildings, or snipe them across the map: whatever your playstyle, zig-e’s has the environment to help you have the game of your life. With 8 different structures over 30 obstacles, and differing elevation in the arena, you’ll never be short of places to find cover.

Call us to reserve your spot!