Call or come in ahead of time to schedule your game!
Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Come experience laser tag like you've never imagined! Our tactical laser tag is designed like several first-person shooter games you find on all video game consoles.

Outdoor Tactical Laser Tag

90 minute session $25
3 hour session $45


1. You must be at least 8 years old to participate
2. No Running
3. No blind firing. Fire only when tagger is shouldered and aimed.
4. Keep 5 ft. distance from other players during game play.
5. Slow and controlled movements.
6. No dead talking. No dead players passing information to live players in any form, verbal or non verbal.
7. No spawn camping.
8. No open toed shoes.
9. No climbing. (Through windows, up trees, over barriers, etc.)
10. No adjusting equipment or field. (Red dots, slings, head sensors, barrels, etc.)

Game Types


1. The field is outdoors! Dress appropriately!
2. Hats, bandannas, beanies are strongly encouraged
3. Long pants and closed toe shoes!
4. MAKE RESERVATIONS. Reserving your spot will guarantee your satisfaction!
5. SHOW UP EARLY! The games start on the even hours, if you are late we do not wait!


Guests who use our Laser Tag attraction do so at their own risk.

Laser Tag Arena Map

Know Your Tagger